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Why do you need a landscape design?

I’ve been a landscape designer for over a decade now and yet I still have some friends and extended family that have no idea what I actually do. They always just assume that I only do plant layout for foundation beds or small residential gardens.  So when I show them photos of my projects that are full of not only plants, but walkways, patios, walls and lighting they seem genuinely shocked. ‘You really designed all that?’ or ‘I had no idea you did that!’ Are common responses that always makes me laugh.  As a landscape designer knowledge of plant material is very important, but so is knowledge about different hardscape options, drainage, lighting and construction practices. All of these elements are important aspects of a well thought out landscape and a great reason to hire someone who specializes in landscape design to help you design your dream outdoor space!


Working here at di Stefano landscaping means being a part of a full service landscape design and build company. We offer the broad spectrum of landscape services from landscape design, to installation of hardscapes and gardens, as well as maintenance of planting beds and lawns. We take landscape designs and make them a reality! Often when meeting with a client for the first time to discuss a project, the most frequently asked question is ‘Why do I need a landscape design?’  The answer to this question is that there are many reasons why having a plan is helpful when thinking about a landscape project for your home or business.  The first being that a landscape plan shows the overall look of what the space is going to be like when the project is completed. You will be able see where walkways or patios will be situated, how garden beds will help to create spaces and nestle hardscapes into the landscape and how each outdoor space corresponds with not only each other but also the building and the surrounding environment. Having a plan is especially helpful if you are thinking about a multi-phase project. The reason for this is because everyone involved in the project can see the long term goal of what you want to accomplish with your outdoor living space. Smaller projects within the whole can be picked off one or two at a time over a span of months or years.

Here is a helpful list that we keep in our office, it mentions some of the many reasons other reasons why a landscape design can benefit you. This list also highlights some of the many things that are taken into consideration when a professional landscape designer is working with you on your project.

Why Landscape Design?

The Arrival Experience:

  • How does your landscape make you feel when you arrive home?
  • What do you see first and is this something you want to change?

Outdoor Living

  • How can we maximize the outdoor living spaces for our needs?
  • Where will dining, play, entertainment or work take place?
  • How are each of the desired spaces defined?


  • Are there views that need to be highlighted or blocked?
  • Do you need wind screens or plantings to help muffle the sound of traffic?

Grade / Site Challenges:

  • Can slopes be turned into assets?
  • Drainage concerns and where to direct/handle the water?

Housekeeping and Functionality:

  • Screening of existing utilities, panels, septic or AC units?
  • Location of new utilities, panels, septic or AC units in correspondence to the desired use of the outdoor space.
  • Where will chickens or other animals fit into your landscape?
  • Where will wood, boats or RVs be stored?

Conserve Resources:

  • Can we conserve resources by limiting lawn spaces or adding shade trees to help cool the house?


  • How can we create a truly one of a kind space for the homeowners to enjoy?
  • How can we incorporate all the elements that the homeowner is looking for, like specific plant material both new and transplants, pavers or stone for hardscapes or raised beds for vegetables?


  • What can be done to enhance curb appeal?
  • How can we maximize the resale value / marketability of the home?
  • How does the project provide value for the client? Does it purely make them happy to spend time in their landscape? Does it provide comfort or safety by installing a new front walkway and steps or do they see that there will be a financial return when they go to sell their home?


Let us know if you have a landscape project you would like help with and we would be happy to create a landscape plan for you!

Recently Completed Projects

Here are several of our recently completed projects!

At this Burlington, Vermont residence we installed a bluestone walkway and landing, as well as granite cobble edging. Plant material for the foundation beds is a mix of flowering shrubs and perennials. The clients asked us to re-use their stone mulch to control the weeds, which gives the beds a unique look.

This Williston, Vermont residence now has a multi-level thermal bluestone patio for entertaining and a more functional bluestone front walkway.  There are also plantings of mixed flowering and evergreen shrubs, as well as perennials with varying bloom times. There are stone planter boxes and sitting walls with lights incorporated into them on site as well.

This beautiful irregular bluestone and brick walkway now leads to the front door of this Plattsburgh, New York home. Foundation plantings consisting of mixed shrubs, perennials, groundcovers and a weeping Crabapple were also part of this installation.  Riding the Grand Isle Ferry made for a great way to start the day!

A cedar trellis for screening the neighbor from their new patio was installed at this South Burlington, Vermont residence. The homeowner is planning to plant a mix of flowering vines on it in the spring.

To see more photos of completed projects and ones we are working on check out our facebook page!

Recent Projects

From new front walkways, creating cozy backyards with split rail fences, to adding some color to iconic Vermont tourist destinations, we have been keeping busy working all over Vermont this summer. Here are a few projects that were recently completed.

Spring 2014 Projects

Our crew has been busily installing hardscapes, softscapes and lighting all throughout the state of Vermont this spring. Here are a couple of the projects we want to share with you! To stay even more updated on the projects we have going on Like our Facebook page.

Barre, VT Residence:

The crew was busy at this residence installing patios and walls early this spring.  There were even a few days that the snow needed to be cleared out of the way so they could get to work! As things warmed up a bit the trees, shrubs & perennials were planted and the lawn was graded & seeded. We are all looking froward to seeing this landscape mature over time!

South Burlington, VT Residence:

We started this project late last fall and were able to get the wall, walkway and staircase installed before the snow fell. This week our crew completed the installation with plantings of trees, shrubs perennials and ground cover. Low voltage landscape lighting was also installed. We can’t wait to see what this project looks like in the evening hours!

Backyard Patio

We recently completed this great looking wall and firepit overlooking Lake Champlain in Burlington, VT.

Dolph Pond Granite from our partners at Adirondack Natural Stone was used to create this masterpiece.

Shelburne Landscape

Great project in Shelburne for a longtime client. Full landscape makeover to go along with a very extensive remodel and addition on the house. Several terraces, gas fire pit, seat walls, plantings and a butterfly garden!

South Burlington Entry, Wall and Plantings

Fun Job for a longtime customer. One that reminds us of the great relationships we have built along with all of the landscapes! Fieldstone retaining wall and fieldstone and bluestone stoop. Boxwood, Salvia, Rudbekia, Astilbe and Serbian spruce will add interest all year.

Awesome job guys!

Vermont National Backyard Landscape

We used Thermal Bluestone with clay brick borders and walkways combined with perimeter planting and trees to cozy up this outdoor room!