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With the di Stefano combination of tradesman skill and artistic vision, your property can reach its fullest, most striking potential.

This area of landscaping can often be intimidating, and when neglected will become a huge undertaking. Whether planted by us or not, we can consult with you on the landscape maintenance requirements for your property and offer you a plan or service that will make the best use of your time and budget.


Our trained horticulturists can evaluate the needs of your property and come up with a plan that results in a better quality landscape that requires less of your time. We’ll use the safest and most efficient methods of edging and mulching, garden maintenance, organic fertilizer for ornamental trees and shrubs, pruning and shearing, woodlot management, and tree work.


Everyone loves a healthy, vibrant lawn. Our entire lawn maintenance team is clean-cut, respectful, and efficient – and passionate about leaving a perfect cut every time. We use appropriately sized equipment, sharp blades, and attention to detail that rivals even the most discerning golf course crews. Our affordable weekly program puts trained eyes on your landscape, helping you become aware of issues before they become a problem.


This is Vermont – it’s going to snow. That’s why we have the careful planning, vigilance, and equipment to keep your driveway, parking lot, or facility safe and accessible. Our snow removal experts offer snow plowing, snow blowing, complete removal and hauling, salting, and deicing. We pride ourselves on being 100% reliable, keeping our clients safe no matter how big a storm is or what time it hits.


di Stefano Landscaping offers comprehensive commercial landscape services to businesses, institutions, condominiums, and homeowner associations. We assign a dedicated project manager to each client to serve as a reliable point person and create a detailed plan of execution that can include a combination of services such as lawn mowing, snow removal, landscape maintenance, and more. Our commercial clients can expect to experience our exceptional reputation for safety, reliability, and quality.