Driveways & Entries

What is the first impressions your home provides? Also known as curb appeal, driveways and entries start the experience your guests have when they arrive and is what greets you at the end of your busy day. We can help make your home inviting and welcoming.

What front walk?

On newly constructed home often the landscaping is the last item considered. So often the driveway and approach to the front door are considerations left for a later time. If that time is now, we can help design a walkway and entry that feels like it was planned from the beginning. One that is comfortable and inviting!

Paver Driveway

This may seem like a luxury that is not practical for most, especially in the climate of the northeast. In fact, it is a great solution that out performs concrete slab and asphalt options even with regular plow use. There are also permeable options that are ecologically friendly and look great.

Curb Appeal

A well designed and healthy front yard planting help the outside of your house feel like home. If it is planned with the local ecosystem in-mind incorporating native trees, shrubs and perennials, it can also provide a safe haven and nectar supply for bees, butterflies and other bio-diversity.

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