Plowing Solutions: We’ve got you covered!

Why is now the best time to start looking for plowing solutions?
Why is it important to hire a professional snow contractor?

Snow removal in the summertime should most definitely be on your mind! 

I know what you’re thinking… we’re nuts! Summertime should be packed full of sunshine and good times; and while this is true, lingering in the back of your mind should be those cold winter months and snow covered driveways and parking lots. Why? because it is the perfect time to get things squared away with a professional snow contractor! 

Finding the right snow contractor for your commercial property can take a solid 2 months. You don’t want to hire the guy looking to snow plow on the side, or an under equipped company. Who knows how reliable they will be? You want to hire an experienced, professional snow contractor who will have a snow management plan in place to ensure your property is going to be well taken care of – well before the first snowfall of the year! 

Starting early allows for you to have enough time to ask all of the right questions when choosing the best snow contractor for you. Some questions to consider are: 

  • What services do you offer? 
    Simple but important to know! You want to make sure that your snow provider is going to take your properties needs into consideration and work out a snow management plan to best help you. Clearing the snow is only one part. Do they have the ability to remove snow from site, if necessary? 
  • Do you have liability insurance and how big is your policy?
    This question should always be asked. Snow & ice can be dangerous. You don’t want to end up on the hook for any accidents that can happen. Minor or not! 
  • Do you have your own team? 
    Did you know that a lot of companies actually subcontract out their snow work? This creates another layer of potential things to go wrong. You may not know who is going to show up at your property or if they will show up at all! You also want to be sure that you choose a company that has staff readily available. Here at di Stefano we pride ourselves on self performing all of our snow work. We accomplish this by having adequate staff and equipment to ensure the job gets done regardless of things that may go wrong such as equipment failures and call outs. 
  • What size properties do you currently manage? 
    Make sure that the snow contractor you hire, is capable and experienced in plowing properties like yours. You can also ask to see a portfolio of current properties that will showcase the level of work they can complete. With a fleet of over 50 trucks and pieces of equipment, di Stefano is ready for it all! 
  • What type of ice melting products do you use and how do you apply them? 
    A great question to ask that is often times missed. Ensuring that the company you choose is being thoughtful to the surrounding environment and pets is so important. di Stefano Landscaping uses rock salt on drives and in parking lots. When it comes to walkways and sidewalks we use a more pet and eco friendly product. 

By asking the right questions your snow contractor should be able to ease your mind and ensure that your property will be well taken care of. Once under contract, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing you have a true partner in keeping your property safe all winter long.