Let The Games Begin – How to Build Backyard Sports Courts

We all enjoy spending time in our yards with family and friends especially on beautiful Vermont summer days.  So in preparation for the 4th of July and a long weekend, here are a few tips on building the best backyard sports courts. Have Fun!


  1. Start by constructing a wooden frame of approximately 10’ x 60’.
  2. Excavate to a depth of 8”.
  3. Line the area with landscape fabric.
  4. 6” of compacted gravel should be used as a base.
  5. 2” of Rock fines should be leveled and used as a finished court surface.

Building Plans For Bocce Courts


  1. Start by measuring the area. The pits should be made exactly 40’ apart for regulation length.
  2. The construction of two 36”x 48” wooden boxes should be placed at either end of the area.
  3. The soil within the boxes should be excavated several inches.
  4. Lay landscape fabric in bottom of box.
  5. Drive stake into ground at least 21” from front of the box. Make sure that the stake is sticking up 15” from grade and pitching forward at a slight 3” angle.
  6. Fill box with sand.

Building Plans for Horseshoe Pits


  1. Start by measuring out a 16’ x 16’ square.
  2. Next create a grid to create 8 rows across the top and down the side. This will give you 64 2’x2’ squares.
  3. Remove the sod from every other square and lay a 2’x2’ bluestone stepper in it’s place.
  4. Large Chess Pieces can be purchased from many retailers online.

Building Plans for Outdoor Chess Boards

Here are a few other classic courts you might be interested in as well.