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Fall Planting In Vermont

We’ve been experiencing record-breaking temperatures here in Vermont at the onset of fall, which makes it feel more like summer than autumn. But after this fluke weather finishes up, we’ll go back to the normalcy of crisp, fall temperatures, which is the perfect time to get out in the garden and plant.

Fall Planting In Vermont: Bulbs

After a long Vermont winter, there’s nothing more exciting than heading out in the garden and seeing the early blooms of Daffodils, Crocus, Snowdrops, and more. If you want to enjoy this spring color in your garden, fall is the time to plant. Most spring-blooming bulbs require the dormant period of winter to flower, so make sure to get these bulbs in your garden before the ground freezes.

Fall Planting In Vermont - Daffodils

Fall Planting In Vermont: Perennial Plants

Many Vermont gardeners see fall as too late to plant, but it’s just the opposite. Fall is the perfect time to establish new perennial plants in your garden because the cool air and ground temperatures cause less stress to the new plants, which allows for the root systems to grow strong and establish themselves before winter. You won’t see much growth above ground (which is normal) but you’ll be getting a jumpstart on the already-short growing season. Fall-planted perennials will grow taller, stronger, and bloom more profusely in their first spring and summer.

Fall Planting In Vermont - Perennials

Fall Planting In Vermont: Shrubs & Trees

Shrubs and trees are some of our favorites to plant in the fall. Most of the time they are dormant when we put them in the ground in the fall which means less stress at the time of planting, as well as less maintenance. Come spring, once the ground warms, the new shrubs and trees will come alive and really take off in your landscape.

Fall Planting In Vermont - trees

Fall Planting In Vermont: Wildflower Seed

If you enjoy the effortless color of Sunflowers, Zinnias, and more, but (like many Vermonters) often can’t seed until late May, which often results in later blooms than you’d like, sprinkle your seed in the fall. Fall wildflower seeding is basically taking nature’s approach of dropping seed at the end of the season. Make sure to plant after there have been a few killing frosts so the seeds will stay dormant until the ground wams in early spring. Fall planting these annual favorites often results in blooms weeks earlier than if planted in the spring.

Fall Planting In Vermont - Wildflowers

Spring in Vermont can be a hectic time; there’s so much cleanup to do after the long winter and planting is often the last thing on all of our to-do lists. That’s why the fall season is an opportune time to take advantage of the gorgeous weather and spend some time out in the garden planting.

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